President's Word - Association des Ouellet-te d'Amérique

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Dear Ouellet-te Cousins:

The time is upon us for the preparation of our next annual meeting which will be held on September 7th-8th, 2019 on Sorel-Tracy, Québec.  All the information and details of our two day meeting will be in a brochure inserted in our summer edition of the Hoûallet and on the annual meeting information page.  You will also be able to find all the details on our website and on our Facebook page.

As is our custom, Saturday will be a fun-filled day of visits and possibly a guided tour but the most important day is Sunday.  This is the day when we hold our General Assembly and we encourage you to come prepared to share your ideas, suggestions and comments with us during this period.  It is also the time of the year when we re-elect or elect members to our administrative council.  Please feel free to submit your name or the name of someone you know, but it is very important that that person be a member of our Association and that you have submitted a candidate's form.  One of our greatest hopes is that we can get new members on our administrative council to contribute fresh ideas on how to improve our membership.

Please note, you do not have to be a member of our Association in order to assist at the General Assembly nor do you have to carry the name Ouellet-te.  You can be a part of our great Ouellet-te family through your spouse, your mother or father, your grandparents or any of our ancestors, you are all welcome.

Your presence is very important to us, as it is a chance to meet new members and learn interesting facts.  It is a time of fun, laughter and getting to know each other in order to begin new friendships.

We hope that this year the attendance will be greater than all of our other years, so please put this date on your calendar, we are looking forward to meeting our cousins.

Remember, September 7th-8th, 2019 on Sorel-Tracy, Québec.

There have been some problems with the mailing of our newsletter lately.  The last two issues were received quite awhile after being mailed to you, some as long as 2-4 weeks.  This is not acceptable to us but it is not our nor the printers fault, the problem is with Canada Post.  In the sincere hope that this problem will be rectified in the future, we would suggest that those of you who have access to the internet and have an email address should contact us in order to have the newsletter sent by email.  This will not only help you receive your newsletter on time but would help us reduce our mailing costs

 Roger Ouellet, (Member # 2730)
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