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Historical Review
Here is some information about the Association des Ouellet-te d’Amérique.
It was founded in Montreal on April 30, 1966 in front of more than 1000 participants. On August 24 of the same year, before the Superior Court of Quebec, district of Kamouraska. It received its official charter under the name of the Association of Ouellet families inc with head office in La Pocatière, this association being non-profit.
We are not subsidized or receive any support from any source, except for the small membership fees we charge members and the donations they are kind enough to send us.
Our goals are to bring together the greatest number of descendants of ancestor René Hoûallet in a permanent association and to develop relationships between members based on respect and friendship.
Genealogy and history are important parts of our activities.
We have members in almost every Canadian province, in several US states and a few in Europe.
We have held an annual gathering since 1966 in different cities in Quebec.
Since 1968, we have published the periodical Le Hoûallet. Vol.1 No.1
In 1991, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. 25th Souvenir Album
In 2002, the Association changed its name to the Association des Ouellet-te d’Amérique.
In 2016, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We are proud of our roots and we continue to believe in the values of respect and friendship that animated our founders. 50th Souvenir Album
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